Sasha is 38 years old. He lives and works in Paris in France for 16 years. He works for a real estate agency. He is a representative of NetTV Plus for France. Also, he is the administrator of the website and Facebook page All Serbs in Paris that gathers Serbs in France and diaspora. He used to be a football player, which was the reason for his departure to France where he planned to stay for a year or two.

Sasha believes that Serbia should preserve its tradition and spirit and it should not allow the European Union to impose its values on it as a condition for joining it. “In the future, I see a more beautiful and better Serbia. I hope that we will accept that we are already part of Europe and that, unlike some certain countries that are already members of the European Union, we are, if I may say so, more emancipated and more cultural. It is important to accept the good things coming from the European Union, but it is also important to preserve what we already have that is good. For example, I am against changing the way we make our brandy, which they try to impose on us. So, preservation of our tradition, and not accepting everything that comes from the west.”

The Serbian spirit that has been present over the centuries is a positive side of Serbia. ” Serbian spirit that maintains our tradition through centuries is what is positive and Serbian. We have been under the Turkish occupation for five centuries, we have gone through great trials and tribulations during the 19th and 20th centuries, but we managed to survive and endure all these sufferings. I have one remark and using it I might best present my opinion of the Serbs. Serbia is a small country with a great number of sports successes on a world level. The question is, how can a small country be so successful? I have a simple explanation. All these successes are result of giving up on many things, hardworking and great talent. How come we have talent for all these sports? The answer to this question is that all the sufferings throughout our history have taken a tall. Those who remained alive, who survived the withdrawal through Albania, who survived the Serbo-Turkish War, the German boot and the First World War, were the most capable, they were the most successful. We are descendants of these people. We carry the genetic material of people who have managed to withstand all problems and disadvantages. This genetic material has been passed down from generation to generation, and today our athletes have genes to be the best in the world. ”

Sasha has not chosen to be the one who sits behind the computer and criticizes, but he tries to do something for his people every day and to preserve his traditions. Bringing people together, primarily Serbs from France and diaspora, was a hobby in the first place, but soon it became a profession. He manages to spread his ideas and to provide his help to those who need it.

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