Radica is 59 years old. She used to work at a children’s counseling center. As a pensioner, she enjoys her grandchildren and is trying to spend as much time in the Balkan Mountains.

A democratic country in which the law is made equal for all is Serbia that Radica would like to see in the future. ” I would love to live in a democratic Serbia where the law would treat all the people same. I don’t know if this exists anywhere in the world, but that’s something I would like to see here. In particular, I would appreciate a democratic legal state where my son would have the same reward or punishment for the work done, just as the son of the president of the republic, for example. It means they are equally rewarded or punished if they do something good or bad.”

The beauties of Serbia and the hospitality of its people are the positive sides of Serbia. “Serbia is a beautiful country. I’m proud of our hospitality. Serbs are open for cooperation. I might say sometimes they are almost naive. They know how to be good hosts both for those who deserve it and for those who don’t. Serbia is a very beautiful country. We have so many beautiful landscapes, numerous mountains, lakes. Serbian villages are very beautiful. There are many things that have not even been explored, which we have not yet come to know about our country. We are often ready to travel far away, to fly to far destinations, to boast about what we have experienced, but in fact Serbia is a very beautiful country and we need to show it to others and to the whole world.”

Radica considers the education system in Serbia troublesome. “I think we are wandering in the way of our education. This starts with the fact we don’t have enough educated teacher who love their job. Of course, the job reward is another topic. I believe we have a lot of “holes” in our education system, we learn so many things, and we know so many things, but we don’t have any direction in terms of workforce planning, for example, how may doctors, or lawyers or economists we need, and such. Also, we don’t do anything to keep our experts. They all left or are still leaving.”

Radica is very persistent in everything she does. She says that she is stubborn, but she doesn’t care about it while spending her retirement days in the Balkan Mountains waiting for her husband to retire so that he can also join her.


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