Stanoje graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Niš. He is currently working in the agriculture business, and cultivates medicinal herbs. He is also the head of the Association for Medicinal herbs cultivation.

Serbia that Stanoje would like to see in the future is a country in which, when the municipality of Gadžin Han is mentioned, one thinks of medicinal herbs. “I would like that the production of medicinal herbs in the municipality of Gadžin Han is so well executed and arranged, that Gadzin Han becomes a synonym for it. In Serbia we generally say that agriculture is our prime asset, and we do have some exports, but we should be better organized, and have effective cooperation between science and production. A farmer or a minister can’t improve exports on their own, it will only improve when they all start working together to bring a given project to its realization.”

Serbia has great advantages in healthy organic food production, but suffers from disorganization and unfulfilled strategies. “First of all, we have to take Gadžin Han into consideration. Being an underdeveloped, poor municipality can actually become an advantage because it is perfect for the production of healthy organic food production. We only need to organize ourselves well. We talk about possibilities, about the big chances that we miss. For example, Russia is often mentioned in the sense that within a week Moscow alone could consume our total food production. Now we have also established good diplomatic relations with China, which is a big market and an opportunity for us. On the other hand, people are complaining that they can’t sell their livestock. They have 20-30 young sheep, and they say no one comes to ask about buying them. This means that the communication between the ministries and farmers is not effective enough.”

Stanoje does not consider himself overly social, but he still enjoys high popularity amongst the local people because of his fiery passion for work and his willingness to help everyone no matter where their political affinities may lie.

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