Davor is 39 years old. He graduated from the Faculty of Sports Management and Physical Education in Niš. He is one of the founders and lead vocalists of Huti Ota Tre, a popular band in Zaječar.

The Serbia that Davor would like to see in the future is a disciplined, orderly country. “I wish it worked as it does in Switzerland, because I am very organized myself. I wish it were all organized. But it’s almost impossible here.“

Regardless of the fact that Davor sees less and less positive aspects of Serbia, noting the dissatisfaction of the people as a major negative aspect, he still considers our culture as one of the best things we have. “One can find less and less positive sides. We all know life was much better in Yugoslavia. I can assume that now people have grown apart, so the issues are interpersonal rather than political. I don’t think people are happy about the politics in other countries either, but somehow people enjoy better relations than us. The first associations people have with Zaječar is the Guitar festival and Zaječarsko beer. Everyone that comes from the outside is always very impressed with the city and its people, but we who live here permanently don’t have the same impression. This discontent stems from the fact that there are declining opportunities for employment and little hope for a brighter future, especially for young people. A large population of youth go elsewhere to study and try to stay there and not return.”

Davor has been into music as far back as he can recall. He expresses his ideas and thoughts through his songs. He prides himself on keeping his promises and respecting the agreements he has made.

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