Tatjana is 35 years old. She is a graduated painter, married with two children.

Tanja sees Serbia in the future as a part of a global community.

“I think we will all belong to one community. I think that in 200 years the world could be a large community, and that people will live freely, without being bothered about what religion they belong, what their nationality and their skin color are. There will be less repression. I think there will be less class differences, it will be the golden middle, as one would say.”

She likes Serbia because it is her country and, and she puts it, “it’s rude not to love what’s yours.” People in Serbia are good, and you can always count on them. “Ordinary people help each other, of course, it has been always like that, you can always ask from a neighbor for what you need in your house. However, I think that the government doesn’t care that much about citizens. I think this is the main problem. We have such political scene in the country that everyone only cares about themselves. And people just want to live a better life, to have higher standard, more freedom to express themselves, to travel around, to watch what they want, to say what they want, and a little bit more of cultural life and a little bit more of respect towards citizens, without constantly running into walls, bureaucracy, or papers required for something.”

Tatjana knew she was going to become a painter ever since she was in the kindergarten. “When I was in the kindergarten, I said, when I grow up I will become a painter.” What makes her different from others and what makes her special are her paintings in which she shows and paints what makes her own style, taste and personality.

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