Jovan is 41 years old. He is married and has a 7-year-old son. He completed the Christian Orthodox Faculty in Belgrade and is currently doing a dissertation in theology. He teaches religious classes in two high schools and co-operates with an Orthodox radio and various magazines in which he publishes his texts. He is a founder of the Biblical Cultural Center. He loves watching movies and reading fiction.

Serbia that Jovan would like to see in the future is a state of law close to the European Union. “Frankly, I would like to see Serbia introduce what we have been talking about for decades, the legal system, the legal state, which will allow us to get closer to the European Union. We don’t have to actually join it, but we should set up such a system in which knowledge, hard work, skills, and capabilities are better valued than cowardice which is very often the case today.” However, Jovan is a little skeptical when it comes to a better future because in his opinion, all those who are worth will already leave the country. “I’m afraid very few skilled and valuable young people will want to stay here. I think that people who are apathetic and those who managed to reach a position using certain ways will stay here. ”

The positive aspects of Serbia are strong interest in culture and healthy mind when it comes to socializing. “There is still a strong interest in culture, at least among the younger generation. Also, even though just partly, there is still that healthy spirit in terms of socializing. People are willing to spend time with others, meetings are not organized to be finished by 5 o’clock precisely, but we have a more relaxed, unconstrained companionship. This is a positive thing. What I also think is positive, especially when I see some of my younger colleagues who are about to enter academic studies, I think there is a lot of people who want to gain academical education.”

Apathy of the young generation is something Jovan finds worrying. “In the first place, I’m concerned that the largest part of the young generation is completely apathetic. They think that in Serbia you can only get a job through relationships, they think that their success will not contribute to their progress in life, which can be both true and false. And what I find to be really bad, what everyone is complaining about, is the degree of corruption, political hopelessness, economic instability, etc. I think it is taking so much toll that people are starting to give up and say: What, what can I do?!”

Jovan combined his internal aspirations towards culture and education with his religion. He has the opportunity to influence other people’s lives through his writing for different magazines, his work on the radio, his religious sermons and by using his knowledge and philosophy.

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