Vlasta is 44 years old. She is a teacher of music and physical education. She plays the organ.

Vlasta would like to live in a country where ordinary problems can be solved fast. “It would be a country where things related to normal everyday life would work. For example, if you go to an institution for an ordinary problem, such as having trash in front of your house picked up, it would be immediately solved. Life would be much easier. I would also like it if we were more connected, helping each other as we did back in the day. I remember a time where we were able to quickly solve things that bothered us.”

She sees a positive side of Serbia in its protected, isolated lifestyle. “I love Serbia’s landscapes. Maybe in a way I also like the isolation from the hardships that are happening in the world and which we see only on the news. I have the impression that we’re protected here, as if we were in a bubble. People think differently, and that suits us. I won’t talk about the economic aspects of our country, because the question is whether money is something that brings happiness. Maybe most of us don’t earn as much as we would like to, but it again raises the question if we would be happier having more money rather than all the other things that surround us.”

Vlasta believes that the lack of information is worrisome in Serbia. “Sometimes people are not sufficiently informed. Information is necessary, always having access to real information about real life is important.”

Vlasta is one of the few people in Serbia who can play the organ. She has other unique characteristics as well, because she doesn’t try to conform. She just tries to be herself and remain on her own path.

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