Vuk is 34 years old. He has a master’s degree in archeology. He used to work at the museum and is currently unemployed.

Serbia without debt is a country that Vuk would like to see in the future. “To begin with, I would like to live in a country that is not indebted and that doesn’t make further loans. It would be a country where young people have the opportunity to do what they have been educated for, and who don’t have to leave their own country, unless they want to, but simply can live and work in our country and be respected members of the society. I don’t think that’s the case here, because many young and creative people have left Serbia.”

Hospitality towards foreigners is a positive feature of Serbia. “There are a lot of good things in this country. It certainly has nothing to do with politics, neither the current nor the previous one. It’s mostly related to people and to the character of the people in this area. One of our positive sides as people from Serbia is hospitality towards foreigners, we were always ready to accept others, even when it’s about people who come from discriminated communities, such as refugees from Asia. I think it’s nice we accepted them, and they are not a problem for us, because we, the Serbs during the ‘90s, were generally the problem in some other countries.”

Inertia that is being inherited throughout history, is a negative feature of Serbia. “As a negative thing, I would indicate inertia in people, which can even be viewed as historically inherited. It took us 500 years to get rid of the Turkish occupation. I think that inertia is still present today. When we have some problems, we prefer to take the line of least resistance until we reach the “boiling” point when we break down and start changing things. ”

Vuk doesn’t like injustice and is not a hypocrite. He always tries to have broader perspective, to look at things from multiple angles, and he believes that there is not just one truth for everything.


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