Tanja is 25 years old. Ever since she was a child, she was affectionate towards horses. She began riding when she was only 6 years old. She works as a hotel receptionist in Belgrade.

When thinking about the future, Tanja believes it will get better. “I think that Serbia is like a turtle. It moves slowly, and I think that at some future point, the situation here will get better. We need more time because we are a country in transition, a country that needs to be developed, to be invested in. We have a lot of young, high-quality people who are fighting, and who are good students. They have predispositions, desires, ambitions, to do something seriously and to change things. ”

The mentality of people in Serbia as well as the country itself is something that Tanja is particularly happy with. “I love my country, and I would never live elsewhere. I love Serbia, our mentality. Serbia has a great soul, it’s harmonious and hospitable, it has big heart and is friendly. It’s one of the rare countries where you can feel like at home, where every person you meet and who you had coffee with is your friend, no matter if you met him ten minutes or ten years ago.”

Dissatisfaction of people with issues of existence, in her opinion, is the main problem in Serbia. “People are generally unhappy. They are not content with living here. They live hard lives. Those who have children worry about their future, if they will work. A lot of young people are unemployed, living at the expenses of their parents who are getting older, and who are less able to work and earn, and when they retire, pensions are very small. This is our main problem as a country, a struggle for existence. It all comes down to survival. Many people never went out of Serbia, they didn’t visit any neighboring country, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania or Hungary.”

Tanja is a young and charismatic person full of life. She is ambitious and wants to be a successful woman and mother. She radiates positive energy, is very cute to people, she has a positive attitude towards life and is in good relationship with other people who always want to exchange a couple of friendly words with her.

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