Zeljko is 31 years old. He is an entrepreneur in the field of Internet marketing and IT technologies for 11 years. He’s married.

A Serbia with order, work, peace and discipline is the country Zeljko wants to see in the future. “I’ll be brief and simple. Order, work, peace and discipline. I would like to see this in Serbia. Independent institutions, quality system, government that analyzes the situation, makes plans, and works to achieve goals, people who think with their own heads. I don’t think it will ever happen here, but if you ask me what kind of Serbia I would like to see in the future, then it would be such country.”

Tolerance among people of different religions is a positive image of Serbia. “I see Vojvodina as a place where people of different religions live together for real, something that is in fact the forerunner of today’s Europe. I love my city, Novi Sad, I’m a big local patriot. I like people of Novi Sad, I like how they think, and I believe that there is a difference between Novi Sad and other cities in Serbia.”

Unresolved relations with neighboring countries are Serbia’s problem. “I think that we have unresolved relations with neighbors from almost all sides. Those serious problems have been prolonged since the 1990s and they will escalate the violence sooner or later that will cause huge turns in this part of Europe. This is what I’m afraid the most, because we are the best in conflicts. The reason for this lies in the fact that Serbia as a country doesn’t have much influence. We are too small and on the margins of the global system, and for that very reason we cannot influence major events in the world.”

Zeljko is very agile in every situation, every system. He believes Serbia didn’t give him enough opportunities to succeed in what he is talented for. He likes to analyze and make strategy on both business and private agendas.

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