Ivana is 28 years old. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology. She works as an interior designer in a company she founded with her husband.

Serbia in the future is an economically stable country. “The way I see Serbia in the future, is as an economically stable and strong country. Revenues are higher and expenditure is lower. We have a free health system and free education. People are happy. When you pass by them, you see them smiling. Now they are mostly concerned, and they live in some world of their own, which is probably because of the lack of money which is generally an issue here.”

Ivana is satisfied with her life in Serbia. Relationships between people and Serbian weddings are positive sides of Serbia. “Friendships, socializing, nightlife are positive sides. I lived abroad for a while, and I can freely say that social life is incomparably better here than over there. Social aspect of our life is very strong. I have a lot of friends, companions, older and younger ones. The food is best here, celebrations are the best. We have the best wedding parties.”

A large number of intellectuals is also a positive side of Serbia. However, their frequent departure from Serbia is a negative side. “There are many intellectuals, educated people in Serbia who, unfortunately, leave. People somehow became too busy with themselves, a little selfish. There is no more time for some little things that fulfill our lives, and our ambitions have become bigger than ourselves.”

Ivana always likes to try something new. She’s ambitious. She is disciplined which allowed her to complete interior design course along her university school and to do the job of a designer as if she had had university degree. She always strives for something bigger in her life because she wants to, when she is 60, to look back and say to herself: Look at all those things I’ve done in my life.

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