Zoran is 58 and has been an entrepreneur since 1989. He is the head of the Hunting Association of Ponisavlje and the member of the Board of Directors of the Hunting Association of Serbia. Apart from being a hunter, he is also a goodwill ambassador who works on wildlife conservation and the improvement of the hunting grounds in Serbia.

The Serbia that Zoran would like to see in the future is a well-organized country which is a member of the European Union. “I would like to live in a state under the rule of law. We need to improve our judiciary, education system and healthcare system. Those are the most important institutions for the people of a country. I would also like Serbia to become a member of the EU, primarily because laws would then be enforced. If laws are only written on paper without being implemented, they are pointless.”

As someone who has travelled and visited many regions of Serbia and other parts of the world, he is very proud of his national identity. “First of all, I am very proud of Serbia because I am a Serb, and because I love my country. I loved traveling, and I always traveled and was proud of my country no matter what others thought or spoke about it. Geographically speaking, Serbia is a beautiful country with a lot of rivers, lakes, and mountains.”

One of the negative sides of Serbia is that its natural beauty has not been promoted enough for tourism. “The extraordinary natural beauty of Serbia is something we haven’t benefited greatly from. With just a little bit of effort, and a little bit of media promotion, we could develop tourism and make profit from it.”

The other negative side of Serbia is its failure to encourage entrepreneurship. “Nothing and no one can stop the entrepreneurial spirit, rather, better regulation might encourage it. I think that improvement lies in changing working conditions. The state doesn’t prevent anyone from being an entrepreneur, but it could be of greater positive influence through subsidies or other types of incentives.”

Zoran always tries to be correct. He speaks sharply in discussion, and always speaks in plain facts without twisting them. On the other hand, he is very cooperative, especially in dealings concerned with hunting, and is widely praised for this.


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