Zoran is 42 years old. He is a professional photographer. In his free time, he likes fishing and playing guitar.

Cultural, with clean environment, and free of turbo folk music is Serbia that Zoran would like to live in. “Cultural, above all, environment friendly, and without folk music. I wish we were more ambitious, with more criticism of the authorities in every area, because that is what we lack. On the other hand, I would like to see the government that is willing to accept criticism in a creative way, without making someone who criticized them a national enemy or a traitor. They should understand that they have done something wrong. There should be a system of responsibility.”

Cultural events held in the region of Eastern Serbia are a good side of the country. “One of the positive things is the cultural manifestations that are being held in this region for many years, which are nurtured and attract tourists from both, Serbian and international cities. The organizers of these events generally do their job well because a lot of effort is being put to maintain something that exists for 40, or 50 years, such as our Youth Culture Festival, Zajecar Guitar Festival, etc. ”

Parenting, as well as the minimalist lifestyle that people are used to, are the things that Zoran finds worrying in Serbia. “If we are talking about the future of our children, for example, in my opinion, we don’t see many differences at the moment, but it will be noticeable when our young generations grow older. Our children now spend a lot of time in front of television and phones. There are some parents who try to keep their children away from all that negative information and what is presented to them through TV programs, but most parents do not. I think that’s one of the biggest problems, if we look to the future. On the other hand, we are all brought down to mere survival. And now the worst part is that we are very good at it. Even though we don’t have the money to buy new tires, or to pay bills, we live “well” because there is almost none of those who are hungry. People have been forced to a minimalism here, and they swim quite well in it.”

Zoran plays the guitar on the left side and the strings are made for the right-handed. He has been playing in the band for 25 years.He loves fishing where he can rest and relax, be alone and enjoy the peace.

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