Melanija is 24 years old. She works as a traffic technician at the Auto Moto Association of Serbia. She plays basketball.

Richer Serbia is the country that Melania would like to live in. “I wish we had the seacoast. Also, I would invest in natural sites that are not popular, and there are many in addition to the well-known Zlatibor and Kopaonik. There are other mountains. I wish our country was richer in everything. ”

The freedom people have in Serbia is its positive side. “It’s not like in other countries you have to lock the door and be careful what you do. Everything can be done here, everything is allowed. Which is both good and bad. There are plenty of natural beauties to see as well.”

Serbia’s birth rate which is in decline is a negative side. “The downside is that less and less people live here. The birth rate is low, and that is bad.”

Melanija is natural and honest. She is humorous and generally doesn’t care what others think of her.

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