Zorica graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade. Since 2007, she has been producing various types of ajvar, the traditional Serbian paprika spread.

The Serbia that Zorica envisions for the future is a small but well-organized country. ‘Serbia could become a scaled-down version of Switzerland. We don’t mind being who we are, but we need to focus on improving our education system. Citizens should receive support from our country not only in terms of financial assistance but also in legal protection from powerful interests. This would resolve more than half of our problems.’

One of the positive aspects of Serbia is the high level of commitment from people in state administration to specific projects. ‘I’ve been in this business for a while now, and I believe that people currently involved in entrepreneurship, including yourself, invest a tremendous amount in projects, both financially and in terms of promotion. I can appreciate this perspective, especially in the agricultural production industry. Our agriculture is not stagnant; we are gradually catching up with Europe.’

Zorica believes that despite Serbia’s rich natural resources, a major drawback is the lack of education among the population, which prevents the realization of its full potential. ‘Our inexpensive products could become even more cost-effective because selling raw materials is not as profitable as selling finished products. Many of our farmers lack education. Moreover, small and medium-sized enterprises need legal protection. If the state provides startup loans or any form of credit to encourage production, it should also find ways to shield these startups from larger, more powerful companies.’

As an entrepreneur and producer of various types of ajvar, Zorica has set goals for herself and is determined to achieve them. She believes that even if something isn’t right today, it can improve tomorrow or the day after. This approach has helped her establish her business and maintain a loyal customer base.

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