Zorica graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade. Since 2007 she has produced different types of ajvar, the traditional Serbian paprika spread.

The Serbia that Zorica would like to see in the future is a small but orderly country. “Serbia could be a small version of Switzerland. We don’t mind being what we are, but we have to work on our education system, and citizens should have our country‚Äôs support not only in a monetary sense, but also in the legal sense, by protecting us from the large and powerful interests. This would solve more than half of our problems.”

The positive side of Serbia is the maximum-level of engagement of people from the state administration on specific projects. “I’ve been in this business for a while now, and I think the people who are set up in business at this moment, including you, invest so much in projects and give their absolute best in terms of money as well as promotions. I can understand the perspective of the agricultural production industry. Our agriculture is not stagnant. We are slowly catching up with Europe.”

Zorica believes that although Serbia has rich natural resources, the main disadvantage is the uneducated people whose potential is not realized. “All of our cheap products can become more cost-efficient because selling raw materials does not pay off as much as selling the end product. Our farmers lack education. Also, small and medium-sized enterprises need to be protected from a legal standpoint. If the state gives startup loans or any type of credit to people to encourage production, the state must also find some way to protect these startups from large and powerful companies.”

Zorica, an entrepreneur and manufacturer of different types of ajvar set herself a goal, and she’s fighting to reach this goal and not giving up. She believes that even if something is not right today, it will be fine tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. This approach has helped her build her business and never lose a customer.


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