Jovana is 36 years old. She is married and has two children. She works as a hotel manager.

The Serbia that Jovana would like to see in the future is a country with high standards. “I wish the quality of life would not just be a priority for individual citizens, but a characteristic of our nation. And do I hope this will happen during my lifetime? No. why? Because all my life since I was a kid, I have witnessed many crises, national or international, hyperinflation, bombing… And I think today’s parents are in quite a difficult position, as they are generally young people caught up in everything that is going on in their life, fighting for survival, securing their jobs, finding additional jobs, which then means that they aren’t spending enough time with their children.”

Since she is in constant contact with foreigners through her work, Jovana formed a new image of her own people. “Our people are very good. They are welcoming, compassionate, bold, emotional, honest, temperamental. Other countries may have better standards or better legal systems, but when I hear how human relations are over there, and how it’s so nice for foreigners to feel welcomed and accepted here immediately, how easy it is for them to make friends, I can say I am so very proud of our country and our people.”

On the other hand, what concerns Jovana is that so many people are despondent. “I feel sad when I encounter people who are despondent. It’s difficult to live here. I feel the pain of a person who is struggling in their everyday life. And this differs from person to person. It depends on how persistent each person is, if they found a way to get through, or if they did or did not have any luck along the way.“

Jovana loves her job. She is aware she is both good and bad at it in different situations, she knows she makes many good decisions but sometimes makes bad ones too. She considers herself a patriot, and is happy that she has stayed in the country where she was born and which she loves, because she knows the meaning of laughter and family in Serbia.

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