Vojislav Malesev: New album after the end of the coronavirus pandemic

Together with other members of the band Killo Killo Banda, Vojislav Malesev plans to release new album this year. Like his compatriots, the situation caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus disease has affected his life. He currently spends time at home with his family and admits that it is not difficult for him because it is something he otherwise likes to practice. However, when it comes to business, that is a completely different story. Since he sings in the opera choir of the Serbian National Theater, both he and his wife must take a break because neither performances nor rehearsals are held.

Vojislav takes the appeals of experts and authorities quite seriously because he is aware of the gravity of the situation based on information coming from all over the world. Although the hardest thing for him is to watch his children spend days inside and separated from other children, when it comes to himself, social distancing is a long-sought releif from excessive socialization.

The first thing he will do when this situation is over is to go to rehearsal with the members of his band with whom he plans to release a new album this year. Most likely, he will take this opportunity to get drunk with his fellow friends. The views on Serbia and its future that Vojislav told us as part of Wesley Channell’s photography exhibition Portraits of Serbia: Hope for the future are at the following linkĀ http://portraitsofserbia.rs/en/stories/vojislav-2/.

Up until today, more than 800,000 people around the world have been registered to have contracted the coronavirus. Epidemiology experts advise citizens to keep distance from each other, which has brought people’s social distancing around the world to a very high level. Artists and art events from various fields are being particularly affected because of the ban on gatherings of the people.

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