Milun is 34 years old. He is a chef. He also works as a model.

The rich country is Serbia Milun wants to see in the future.  “Well, if we go the right path, I see it as a rich country, because we really have a lot of potential. And if we don’t go the right path, everything will be sold, and we will depend on others.”

Milun believes that the energy of the people of Serbia is something to be proud of. “I’m proud of the people, their energy and the kind of optimism we have here. Apart from the people, the positive side of Serbia is its natural beauty, history and wine. Check out our wines. The wine, which costs 700 dinars, is comparable to the French average wine.”

What Milun finds negative in Serbia is the fact that people are becoming “Americanized”. “We’re becoming more like Americans and we’re not them, that is not our mentality. And everyone is trying to be like them.”

Milun loves to cook. He likes to experiment with ingredients, he loves the fusion of the food tastes and textures. He is very adept in the kitchen. The meals he prepares and the ways he prepares them make him special.

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