Ana is 36 years old. She works as an administrative officer at the Zlatibor District Muscular Dystrophy Association. She graduated from the Economics High School and is currently studying tourism at the Business School.

Serbia in the future is a country that provides its citizens the right to a normal life. “It is a country that allows every citizen who is fit for work to afford a normal life as a result of their work. This means that in March we don’t have to think about if we can afford to go on vacation, and in September we don’t think about if we will have enough money to buy what is necessary for school to our children. It’s simply a country where human labor is valued, and that labor is adequately paid for.”

The mentality of the people of Serbia makes Ana proud of her country. “The first thing that makes me proud of this country is the people, that is, our mentality. I have noticed that, for example, in some other countries, there is no such closeness among people. We are close to each other. We may not be so sympathetic, but simply when we meet a person, we accept them, we bond with them.”

Negative and worrying in Serbia is the situation that has been following it since the ’90s. “Let’s just say the whole situation that has plagued us since the ’90s. We have a problem of poverty, we are a country that constantly strives to solve the many problems that we have. Maybe our relations with other countries, just when we think we have come to the surface, some things bring us back to the bottom. In the 2000s, we thought the ’90s were behind us, but the history and the past keeps bringing us to the bottom.”

Ana is a positive and courageous person. She was born with disability, but she believes that if she wanted to go to Mars, she will do it, her disability will not prevent her from doing so.

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