Dejan is 43 years old. He is married and has one child. He works in the hospitality industry for 23 years.

What Dejan is really afraid of is a civil war that could happen in Serbia in the future. Kosovo would be the main reason. “I’m most afraid of civil war. Maybe it won’t happen, the people are slowly accepting that Kosovo is gone. But if it really separated and the world countries really recognized it, that would be a great loss for Serbia. We would lose a huge part of territory. Even if we were economically strong and developed, and if our economy were twice as strong as Germany’s, Kosovo would still be a cancer wound in Serbia. It has been Serbian for a very long time, and I don’t think people will forgive the loss of it so easily at any price. ”

The positive sides of Serbia are qualified people and a good education system. However, many people have left Serbia, and those who remained, look for ways to leave Serbia. “I can freely say that over 2 million people have gone. A few of them returned probably for the reason they didn’t succeed, but most of them stayed abroad, and those are the people who are not lazy but valuable and people who have ideas. They left here because this country did not promise them anything. And this is the intelligence and wealth of this country that we no longer have.”

Dejan always wanted to be and always remained ordinary. He looks a little bit like Tom Cruise. He is proud of himself because he is a Serb, a patriot and because he was born in this very country.

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