Bojana is 29 years old. She works at the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information of the Government of Vojvodina. She is a graduate from the Faculty of Political Sciences.

Serbia, member of the European Union, is a country that Bojana would like to see in the future. “I would like to see Serbia in the European Union as a part of the Western European system. At the moment, this system is not as stable, and is not at the level we would like it to be. Even though, I believe it is still a better option for us and it is still something we need to direct ourselves towards. Many things would improve here just by following examples that already exist. And I hope we will start looking forward rather than backward, not in a way we forget what happened before, but in a way that we don’t live our past every day.”

The historical heritage and multi-nationality of Vojvodina are positive sides of Serbia. “Vojvodina is a mixture of peoples and a combination of different cultures and religions. It’s normal for me to go to the neighbor’s place for the Catholic Easter, and it’s normal for them to come to my place for the Orthodox Easter. We all know the customs of Catholics or Muslims. We have this mixture of cultures here that I think makes Vojvodina rich. Here in Vojvodina we like to say we are a small Europe.”

The focus on the wrong things is a negative side. “I get the impression that we are not doing the right things. We don’t deal with quality of people’s lives, with economy. It is as if we were blind at our economy, we are blind to the laws of economics, and we do everything else. I think this is the main reason why people are dissatisfied, why Vojvodina stagnates, and therefore Serbia as well.”

Bojana promotes multiculturalism. Even if her views are different than expected, she will not give up her goals, but will persistently pursue them until their accomplishment.

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