Jelena is 28 years old. She works as a French teacher.

In the future, Jelena would like Serbia to be a tolerant country where people can count on each other. “I’m always optimistic, and I believe everything can be fixed. Serbia that I see it in the future is a country where tolerance is higher and where people are counting on each other. I think we need to turn to ourselves a little bit and leave the problems of the country to those responsible for solving them. I believe then Serbia would be a better place to live.”

Jelena believes that the history and natural beauty of Serbia are the positive things. “The first thing that reminds me of the positive is the background story of our country. And when I say this I think of our history and the cultural significance of our country, which is important not only to us but to the rest of the world as well. The second thing is the natural beauty of Serbia, its geographical position.”

On the other side, the negative side of Serbia is the low birth rate. “In my opinion, what is worrying is that the mortality rate is higher than the birth rate. I would have to highlighten this as the problem because the society needs young people in order to develop.”

Jelena loves to paint and write and this is how she expresses her artistic side.

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