Zoran is 60 years old. He has been working as a taxi driver for 33 years. After the death of his wife, his life has changed drastically, as he lost the life partner he had been together with for 30 years.

Serbia that Zoran would like to see in the future, is an environmentally friendly country. “I’m an environmentalist in my soul. And my wife was an environmentalist. That’s why I bought the land in Rudnik, because the natural beauty there is intact. There is nothing there but beautiful air and water. Everything you plant and eat is nice and clean, not contaminated, there are no pesticides. Hope it gets better here. If I didn’t hope, I would have myself killed. I believe the people who are realistic and who love their own country will take over. The common interest will be their priority and not their own popularity.”

Despite its flaws, Zoran thinks that Serbia is a beautiful country. “In my opinion, Serbia is the most beautiful country. I love my Serbia most in the world and I love my Belgrade where I was born and where I lived and worked all my life. Serbia is rich in mineral waters, hot springs, spas, clean untouched environment, delicious foods. We are on an important path in Europe, between east and west. And most importantly, we, the ordinary people, are positive, we want better and we all give our contribution to make the world a better place. My biggest contribution is that I love my job and I think I do it well. ”

Zoran believes that the inability to make a progress since the 1990s has been a major problem for the country. “Everything has changed since the ’90s. We were a big and strong country, a big market, and then everything kind of went down. The standard went down, wars and misery began. I think from the 91 to the present, we don’t live anymore, we survive.”

Zoran loves fishing. What bothers him is that the places he used to go to are now covered with garbage and wastewater. In the end, looking at the destroyed natural beauty, he became neglected and stopped going fishing. But there is still hope that some young people will realize that they can individually do something to change the things for the better.

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