Daliborka is 36 years old and she is a graduated dentist.

The country in which she would like to live is similar to that in which her parents used to live. “I would like to have things our parents had, and that is financial freedom as the thing number one. Most people worked, they had good income, they were socializing, they could go to the seacoast for a month without locking the door of their houses. There was freedom that we don’t have now. If I were to compare future Serbia with today’s countries, then I would mention socialist capitalism, which exists, for example, in Sweden or Denmark. You know that you can get sick, you know that you can go to school, that when you’re out of work you won’t be unemployed forever, you won’t work for ten years and then have only two years of official working experience. ”

The positive side of Serbia is its natural beauty. “Serbia has a soul. As hard as it is in this country, and however bad it may be, we have a soul. I think that Serbia is a beautiful country.”

There are two things Daliborka considers negative in Serbia. The first one is lethargy of the people. “What I really don’t like is that I think people are lethargic, that they don’t have hope and they have lost energy and motivation. They are somewhat angry and, in a way, depressed that they don’t have the willingness to fight for better life first, and then they don’t wish to smile, to love, to have children. And all this is unfortunately related to our economic situation. ”

The second thing Daliborka considers to be the negative is the passion of Serbs towards politics. “I think that if the Serbs were passionate about women as they were passionate about politics, low fertility rate wouldn’t be our issue.”

Daliborka is a cheerful person who loves life. She likes learning new things. She thinks that life is very short, and is already feeling sorry she won’t be here one day.

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