Milana is 28 years old. She is graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. She owns a cake and pastry workshop. She’s married.

Serbia in the future is a country where its citizens are involved in processes that concern them. “I would like to see interested people involved in the processes, people who want to change things, who take responsibility for what they want to change, and not just talk about what is good and what is not. They give suggestions on how to resolve problems. I believe that a small group of people will succeed to change the system and that it will be better here.”

The people, diversity of Serbia and tolerance are the positive sides of Serbia. “First of all, I love the Serbian people. I think that people are what make a country. The ordinary people who represent our country are great hosts. We have a lot to show to others, and a lot to see ourselves. With our everyday steps, the issues we deal with, our everyday activities, we create, and we make our country.”

The lack of interest of people to get involved in certain topics is something that Milana sees as a problem in Serbia. “The lack of interest, that’s what I see as the biggest problem. There is apathy, taking everything for granted. I believe the people make a country, and then I look at them from that side. What I see in both the young and the elderly is that they are not sufficiently informed, they don’t make their own choices, and therefore there is a lack of interest. They take the line of least resistance. That’s what I think is our biggest problem.”

Milana is a positive person. She always looks at things from a bright side and wants to share her positivity with others and to motivate them to do what they want. She likes to create food and to serve it to others.

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