Marija is 28 years old. She completed her Law Degree in Niš. She works as a criminal justice lawyer.

The country where the young are supported and invested in, and the elder are secured, is a country in which Marija would like to live. “I would live in an ideal country if we regulated the issue of helping young people and securing the elderly. Also, we wouldn’t have animals in the streets. People would have normal salaries.”

The warmth of the people and a noticeable development of the southern areas of Serbia are positive sides of the country. “The most positive thing in this city is the people who are warm, kind, and pleasant. You will always find someone who will help you, who will be there for you, without expecting anything in return. The second thing I would say is positive is how Niš has started developing in recent times. In every city, especially in the smaller ones, you have groups of people fighting to do something for the city. I might be lucky to be in the company of these people who are fighting to change things for the better. Generally speaking, centralization, the fact that everything is moving towards Belgrade and north, is still present, that has not changed. But people are starting to feel something for this town as well.”

Lack of animal care and little investment in the youth are the negative sides of Serbia. “As for these negative aspects, the problem is that the communal activity of this town [related to animals] is unregulated. No one cares about this, and no one does anything to raise the awareness of humans about sterilization of animals, about leaving animals in the street. We have a growing number of criminal charges for animal abuse. Although, I think this might be an improvement because people are finally aware that something like this should be reported. On the other hand, I think there is little investment in the younger generations.”

Marija is open, communicative, loves her job, she is direct with people, and she is righteous. She loves animals and likes to help others which she does through different groups she is a member of, and without any compensation.


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