Monica is 37 years old. She is an applied artist, as well as ceramics artist. Her family runs ceramics art business.

Serbia, which Monica would like to see in the future, is an open state that is not at war. “I wish it was peaceful here, there will be no war in the future again, people will finally be happy and cheerful when it comes to family. Also, I wish Serbia was a little bit more open to the world, we would have more tourists. Although, there are more and more tourists visiting Novi Sad, but it would be good if we renovated, restored and showed off Serbia.”

The positive side of Serbia is its multiculturalism. “I would like to say that Serbia is a multicultural state inhabited by people of different nationalities. There are a large number of minorities. Of course, there is a degree of globalization that is happening right now, but again, everyone is using, or exhibiting, their own specifics, even when talking about spoken languages. I think this is something that Serbia should be proud of and something it should be highlighted. What is also positive is the sport moment we have here. Our athletes have succeeded everywhere in the world. Also, here the family holds together, and we support each other.”

The downside of Serbia is that cultural contents remain known only locally. “As a cultural worker, I can say that cultural content should be presented to the ordinary audience, that is, they should be accessible. At the moment, the art is in the last place unfortunately, and everything is being shown only to the local audience, but not to the general audience.”

Monica is a person who, even in a very difficult financial situation, manages to show her artistic gift thanks to her optimism, good humor, joy and that childishness that she has inside.

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