Dobrunka is a textile technician. She worked as a civil servant for 24 years and then got into agriculture. She grows blueberries, strawberries and other types of berries. She is married and has two children and a grandson.

The country one knows who does what is Serbia that Dobrunka would like to see in the future. “If we had a system that recognizes who is a textile worker, who is a teacher and who is a farmer, and that recognizes who does what. Currently, we don’t have that. We have good conditions for agriculture and industry development, we have smart children, but we need a system that will make it all work properly.”

The possibility of growing various fruits and vegetables is a positive side of Serbia. “We have very pure, unpolluted natural beauty. Whenever someone come from the outside, they are delighted with our natural beuaties because it is pure and everything can be grown from strawberries, raspberries, , vegetables, livestock. Also, rural tourism can be very nicely promoted.”

Issues related to regional borders are something that is concerning, Dobrunka thinks. “The situation in Serbia, not to mention Kosovo at all, is worrying. All the stories going around about Great Albania and Kosovo are troubling. May God help us nothing of it happens.”

Throughout her life, Dobrunka fought hard for everything she has. She fought for her home, children and family. Those who know her will say that she is very active. She does as much as she can and even a little more to make some things in her local community better. Her phone keeps ringing because she is social and loves to help everyone.

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