Milana is 28 years old. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade and is currently working on her master’s degree at the International Security. She works at the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, where she is the coordinator for equality and human security sector.

Thinking about the future, Milana first wants to take a look at the present time and what might be done in it. According to this, she strives every day to preserve what is positive and to do something today that will be generally useful in the future. “I like it here, I want to do something for my community, my city and my country, to make it better for the people who live here. Belgrade has long been the capital of the region, and now it is also the capital of the nightlife, and the social life that I, as a young person, have here. I would love Serbia to be a country where people will want to live and I would love if we developed the spirit of love for this country, not because we were taught that way by our parents or because we were born in Serbia, but because it is nice for us to live here.”

The positive side of Serbia, in Milana’s opinion, is its people who are very cordial and whose collective identity is still present. “I think we are very cordial as a nation, we are welcoming towards the people who come to our country, I see this as an advantage. I see that the collective identity is still present in our country, as opposed to that individualistic spirit. We still care for each other here and that is what I would like to remain as our value regardless of the fact that I want us to individually evolve towards the liberal model of economy in the future.”

What worries her in Serbia is that society is in crisis, but it wouldn’t need much effort to get out of it. “It seems to me that we are in a small crisis where I think a large part of it can be corrected, just by a common approach by all of us. For example, if we notice that there is a problem with something, in general, we always look for someone from the outside to blame. But I think we should take responsibility ourselves and ask ourselves, what we as individuals, what I as Milana can do, what we can do to contribute to the well-being of the society and community we live in. I think we lack some sort of common identity, which means that we should know why we are here, and that we want to be here and work to make life better. These values ​​ have been neglected. We are all hiding somewhere behind our own interests and somehow disturbing our cohesion.”

Milana is a very charismatic person who possesses energy that captivates and motivates people. She is aware that if we want something in the future, sooner or later, in both cases we must work on it today, and that is exactly what she strives to do every day.

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