Dragan 50 is years old. He is married and has two children. He works as a bus driver.

Serbia in the future is a country where theft is more sanctioned than it is now.  “Serbia should change, it should reduce theft. So, if someone steals something, they should be caught and the things they stole should be returned. When we start respecting laws, then we will get better.”

The positive side of Serbia is the way people socialize. “It is great how people socialize here. Friendships, not only the ones from school but also between neighbors, are wonderful. We help each other. Whenever we can, we help.”

The downsides of Serbia are the bad economic situation and the unemployment of people. “Negative sides are the lack of money, no jobs, a lot of psychiatric cases out of control walking freely in the streets. Frustration is present. I work for about 30 years and I still live in the house that was built by my late grandfather.”

Dragan considers himself an average Serb who makes his ways throughout life, finding ways to survive and teaching his family members to be normal, not to lie, not to steal and not to be criminals.


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