Igor is 32 years old. He studies geography at the University of Belgrade and works in Novi Sad as a 2D artist.

The country where Igor owns a cottage in Tara mountain is Serbia he would like to see in the future.  “[In the future Serbia] I want to be in a cottage in Tara and to draw. I want to grow my own potatoes and to produce the electricity and no one would bother me.”

People who have not left Serbia yet are the positive image. “There are positive people who have not left yet, that’s the first one. It is also positive, for example, when you see my father riding a bike to work and always smiling. There are people who come out of healthy food stores and they are sad, they have drooped to the earth, they have negative thoughts, they are completely isolated, they are sinking. But there are also people who are rich in spirit and who are still here in this country just because they chose it.”

Education is a bad side of Serbia. “The downside is education in Serbia. In 2004, I spoke with a mathematician and he told me how degradation is progressing at an incredible rate. So, the hard tasks [in mathematics], which had three stars, are excluded now. The ones that have been of medium difficulty are now the hardest ones, and a load of tasks that an empty-headed knows how to solve, was also introduced. That was in 2004, but there, the degradation has been continued, which means that the education hit the bottom. ”

At a young age, Igor discovered his talent for drawing and sculpting. He likes to make objects from clay and wire which requires great dedication and precision. He likes to gift his artwork to friends and relatives. Even though he studies geography, he thinks that geography is not to be seen in the books, but to be felt in the feet.

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