Draško is 57 years old. He works in material coloring.

In the future, Draško would like to see a Serbia like today but with a changed system of values.  “[I’d like to live] in a country like this. We just need to change the value system. Overall, this country is fantastic.”

A positive side of Serbia is its people. “The aspect which I find most positive is the people of this country and their energy.”

The loss of enthusiasm is a negative side of our country. “Our enthusiasm, our spirit changed in the sense that there is no more unity and friendship, people simply withdraw. I’m a classic example. I used to have a wide group of friends with whom I went fishing, out to bars, and traveled to nature. Now this has changed. Whether it is because of growing old or low income, I’m not sure. But still I think we Serbs have remained hospitable.”

Draško always looks at the bright side of life. He wants to be positive all day long, he is not the kind that likes to complain. Not only is he positive, he manages to rub this attitude off onto the people around him.


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