Ino is 28 years old. After he lived in Vienna four years, he returned to his hometown.

Higher salaries and changed political scene are the things he would like to see in the future Serbia. “Yes, I would like people to have higher salaries. Also, I think that the political scene in Serbia should change. However, I don’t expect that things will change any time soon, and especially not in small towns. There are less and less young people here, everyone is looking for ways how to go either abroad or to Belgrade or another bigger city.”

Lifestyle that he is used to in Serbia is the positive side of the country. “When you live abroad, nostalgia is always present. I think the best thing is to be home. Even while I lived there, I always wanted to come back. However, the problem is employment. If I could stay here and live normally, I would never go elsewhere.”

Unemployment and low salaries are the negative sides of Serbia. “It’s a negative thing that there are just few job opportunities, and even when you find a job, it isn’t adequately paid.”

Ino is one of the few who returned to Serbia, his home country, because of nostalgia and his desire to be in his own country.

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