Snezana is 45 years old. She is a saleswoman.

Serbia with the system Sweden has, is a country that Snezana would like to see in the future.  “I would like to live in a country that promotes its natural beauties as Switzerland, but its system is similar to that of Sweden. It would be the country in which we invest, and we don’t destroy it.”

The natural beauties of Serbia and the fact that they are not well-promoted make the positive and negative sides of Serbia. “When we talk about its natural beauties, Serbia is a beautiful country and I’m very proud and happy that I was born here. Unfortunately, it makes me unhappy that our natural beauties are not always promoted as tourist destinations. Also, our potentials are not always used for the common good, but rather for the interest of certain individuals, and this is something that might be worrisome.”

Snezana is a cheerful person. She is always in good relations with people and always stands behind her words whether they were nice or not.

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