Ivana is 29 years old. She teaches French, Spanish, Latin, and Serbian language to foreigners. She loves sports and going to the theatre.

Serbia that Ivana would like to see is a country from which you can travel freely. “It’s a country which would enable me to travel with a passport and salary freely. In which I could have a job that I’m interested in and make enough money to live freely, that is the Serbia that I would like to live in.”

The positive sides of Serbia are its cultural events, the energy of its people, and its hospitality. “As far as I’m concerned, the most positive thing in Serbia is the cultural events which are not numerous but are what makes me happy. Also, the positive energy which exists here and the Serbian hospitality.”

On the other hand, the political scene and the presence of nationalism are what is always worrying in Serbia. “A negative and worrying side is the political scene, as well as the problems for the young and old to find a job, as well as the inevitable fact that we spend more than we earn. There is also the constant presence of nationalism, which may be hidden at the moment, but it’s still here. Small problems are passed on from generation to generation and are constantly present without willing to correct them.”

Ivana speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Serbian, and she understand Italian. From words of other people, she learned a lot about them, and thanks to that knowledge she became better acquainted and filled with love towards her own people and her own country.

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