Ivana is 37 years old. She is a graduated economy manager.

Serbia where its citizens have opportunity for permanent employment is the country where Ivana would like to live. “I would like to have job security that we don’t have right now. As for now, we are temporarily employed for a couple of months, and after that it’s uncertain whether you’re going to find another job at all. They say, the birth rate should be increased. But how to increase it when you cannot afford to have more than one child. Even one child is a challenge to support. ”

The warmth of the people made Ivana return from abroad where she lived for several years. “Regarding our relationships, we are warm people. I lived abroad and honestly, my life wasn’t so bad, but I would never go back. As for the relationships among people, no country is as good as Serbia. ”

Lack of opportunities for education of the youngest in small towns, is the negative side of Serbia. “Bujanovac has very few opportunities for development. It’s sad that people leave here. Let’s be honest, they don’t leave the ethnically diverse town. We were children ourselves and lived in this town, but no one ran away. We leave because we don’t have many opportunities for education of our children. Every parent wants their child to learn and progress, and we don’t have possibilities for it here, and this is why we leave. I don’t refer to anyone specifically, neither Serbs or Albanians or Roma, but I think generally that people are leaving in order to be able to afford more for their children. ”

Ivana adores Serbia. Although she has to face its imperfections on an every day basis, she still finds many good things about it which makes her want to stay in her own country, even if it was a small town that has less and less to offer.

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