Danijel is 39 years old. He works as a nurse at the Emergency Room.

Serbia from the ’80s is the country Daniel would like to see in the future. “The country we had in the ’80s, because back then we had everything. Of course, you always have to keep up with the times, but in terms of finances I wish it was like in the ’80s when you could afford many things and still have for food and clothing for the entire month. Now it’s a luxury to go to the restaurant once a month, let alone two times.”

The natural beauty of Serbia is what makes Danijel proud of Serbia. “Here, we have freedom and we live in a beautiful country. We have rivers and natural resources, that’s important. I love it just the way it is. When I was a child, every year I went to the village of Brezovac for a summer break, and I enjoyed it a lot. The air, the atmosphere, the people, it was all phenomenal. Now everything has changed a little bit, but natural beauty has remained intact. And that’s what delights me. Most places are such that you can relax well.”

Migrations from small places are the negative side of Serbia. “I don’t like the fact that small places are being emptied, not just villages, but cities also. For example, from Krusevac, there are 11 nurses and technicians who work here at the Emergency Room. The question is, who will then work at the Emergency Room in Krusevac, or in the hospital? Nobody, because everyone came here. That’s a big problem. I wish they had similar work conditions in their own towns so they don’t have to move.”

Danijel says he’s a dreamer. And this is what helps him to overcome the challenges that today’s lifestyles impose.

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