Ivana is 35 years old.  She is a fashion designer. She designs wedding and ceremonial dresses.

Ivana is optimistic about Serbia’s future. “I may sound a bit ideological, but I see it as an economically and politically independent country from Europe and Russia. I believe that this is the direction Serbia should take because it is a rich country that has potential, and I think it would be good for us if we were independent. ”

People, natural beauty and lifestyle is what is positive in Serbia. “First, it’s the people who are positive here because they are warm and hospitable. Natural beauty is phenomenal. We have a rich cultural heritage. Also, our lifestyle that is still relaxed and very humane. ”

The negative sides of Serbia are its economic and cultural situations. “The downside is, first and foremost, the economic situation. Then, the culture is degraded. This is what bothers me the most. I get the feeling that everything that is wrong is being presented, and what is of value, is not. At least, not enough.” Education and health system in Serbia are not at an enviable level. “Life in Serbia would have been phenomenal if one didn’t have close encounters with health care institutions and administration!”

Ivana is a successful Serbian entrepreneur. She has been designing for years. She shows off her creativity through dresses that are quite unique.

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