Miodrag is 58 years old. He is a chess coach and is employed in a chess club.

Serbia in the future is a country where retirement is at earlier age than it is now. “I would like to live in another world where retirement is not at the age of 120, and where this limit is not increasing slowly. I think that when one retires, one should live like a human being. Here, we don’t live as humans, but we live for two or three days after retirement because this is how much we have left. I don’t think it’s normal for a person not to enjoy retirement days just because the country uses them until the last bit of strength they have.”

Miodrag is proud of Serbia for being his own country and believes there are too many false politicians in it. “It is difficult to talk about negative aspects of the country because it is our country and because we love it. Although, I might be a little cheeky and say we have too many fake politicians. As for the other aspects of life, I wouldn’t say anything bad. But as far as politics is concerned, I think we should get it out of our lives completely. ”

Miodrag likes to play chess which is also his profession. He will continue playing it when he retires.

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