Jovan is 26 years old. He is a graphic designer. In addition to this, he is a painter, as well as a game designer.

A country Jovan would like to live in in the future, is a country where there are no hatred or jealousy. “I wish we had less hatred and jealousy, because we can be quite envious. I wish this changed.”

The positive side of Serbia is casualness and interpersonal relationships. “Positive is that we can do anything in a way, and then we can’t do anything at all. Here, people have easier lives when talking about socializing, and our social life is better than in other countries, not just a little, but much better.”

Wrong values and Cyrillic being often neglected, are troubling, Jovan believes. “What concerns me most is that we cherish the wrong values. We should turn towards some other things, towards faith and art. They have wiped out our culture. Less and less people use Cyrillic, and this is our basic alphabet, but we have stopped using it actively.”

Jovan, as a child, listened to Pavarotti. Today, he is someone who is honest and respects his own tradition and has respect for other people.

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