Slavica is the director of a handicraft traditional kilim and souvenir shop “Lady’s Heart”. She has two children and two grandchildren. Slavica finds her greatest success and greatest support in her family.

According to Slavica, beauty, intelligence and positive energy of the people are the most beautiful sides of Serbia. “The people of Serbia are kind, hospitable. We are very smart, and beautiful people. If we look at the people who live in the countryside, they live naturally, they don’t pursue a high policy, but deal with the environment in which they live, they work and create and are very wise. What I really like about Serbia  what others also see, is that no matter what the circumstances are, from the bombing, through poverty, to the economic situation in which we all are, we still have that spirituality, we have kept the spirit, our soul is not rotten.”

Slavica finds worrying the fact that minority people living in Serbia have an advantage over the majority, that is, Serbs. “If we are Serbia, Serbs are the main nationality. Now, what I don’t like is that we take the laws from Europe that are not applicable here. I’m not saying these are not the good laws, they are, but on another level that we haven’t reached yet. We copy them and then we cannot apply them. We pay too much attention to national minorities and give priority to them, we create conditions for the development of their traditions, we stimulate them, the government creates jobs for them and everything else, while we as Serbs are not learning about our own traditions but we are learning something else. More attention is paid to the minority and the majority people suffer. I believe that this is not right and that this has to change in the future, for the majority people to be equal with minorities.”

Slavica has managed to turn her hobby into a traditional carpet business that is important not only to her, but to the people from her area and for Serbia as well. She made her contribution to the country by making kilims that are considered a traditional Serbian product. “The Pirot carpet is a national product, an artistic product, a product that is the official brand of Serbia. It is a great and important thing to preserve Pirot carpetry and Serbia has never had a more beautiful product than Pirot kilim.” With her energy and perseverance, she was able to stand out and rise to the level from where she can help preserve something that, in her opinion, is the most important thing for a nation, and that is its identity and tradition.

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