Jovana is 21 years old. She is a student of the Faculty of Road Traffic at the University of Nis.

The country where young people have a better perspective when it comes to work is Serbia Jovana would like to see in the future.  “I would like young people to have more perspective, to have opportunity to give their voice in any sphere of life. I also wish we could build and invest more to make Serbia a better place for life of our citizens, but also to be a better place for tourists to come. And I would love to see people come here to live, not us to leave elsewhere. ”

Natural beauty, landscapes and kindness of people in Serbia are the positive sides. “I see the natural beauty, landscapes, especially those in Vojvodina which are beautiful, the positive sides of Serbia. We are surrounded by mountains. I think that we, the people, are positive and kind. Unfortunately, this isn’t the main thing to see in us, because of some other things, our financial situation for example. ”

The lack of jobs is the negative side of Serbia. “Today’s job opportunities are not that many. The students are motivated to enroll and graduate from faculties, but after that, with all their efforts, knowledge and years of studying, they can’t find a job, and they can’t do what they like. Many leave to foreign countries, and thus knowledge doesn’t stay in Serbia. ”

Jovana is an honest person, she likes to listen to others and help them, she has a great understanding of things that happen to her and to others. She is confident and bravely walks towards her goals.

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