Milos is 37 years old. He teaches physics in French and Serbian languages.

Serbia where one doesn’t think about the financial aspects of tomorrow, is the country where Milos would like to live.  “Serbia where people don’t have to think about how to provide food tomorrow and how to pay their bills, I wouldn’t expect anything more than this. I know that in America people think about their children’s education, about what university to choose, they don’t think about basic things like how to provide for their families and how to pay for their bills. If this was our case, I would be happy. Everything else would be the result of doing the right things or making mistakes, that’s my opinion.”

Milos is proud of his country for patriotic reasons. “I love Serbia for emotional reasons. I was born here, I grew up here, spent the most beautiful days of my life … But no, now I’m not talking about the country of Serbia, here I’m referring to Novi Sad. Serbia as a country, I don’t care about it that much. I mean, if it wasn’t for Novi Sad, I probably wouldn’t live in Serbia. My dream was to live and work in Novi Sad. Now I’m here where I wanted to be, in Novi Sad. For my personal reasons, as well as the fact that I really love this city, I’m determined to spend my entire life here. Only a big challenge can make me leave Novi Sad and Serbia.”

Negative side of Serbia are the relations between people. “People don’t get along well with each other. As an old Serbian proverb says, which we may use even today: “I would rather see my neighbor’s cow die than see my own calve.” Because of this, I think the world has a bad opinion about us, because we are represented by those who don’t show love and respect for others, but rather try to succeed by treating others badly. As a nation, we have a lot of virtues and qualities that cannot be seen, because by glorifying ourselves as a nation, and at the same time by causing others to stumble, we create a big problem. Looking from aside, most Serbs feel superior to other nations, yet they themselves cannot come to an agreement between themselves. Mutual disagreements and our personal needs for superiority are the stumbling blocks for progress and development.”

Milos considers himself an artistic soul without talent, he likes to write poems for children and hopes to publish a children book of poems one day.

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