Kenan is 45 years old. He is the director of a non-government organization for Roma education. He also teaches Roma language.

A country with social and economic bliss is a country that Kenan would like to live in. “A country which has social and economic bliss, a stable country without national friction or the questions of which national background one comes from. There should be no race or class differences, no corruption, and people should live freely. It can be achieved, because this is a very solid and rich country.”

Identity and sense of belonging to a home country are the positive side of Serbia. “We are born and live here, and we are used to being here, that is a positive thing. But that is something that is conditionally acquired. That means when you were born in a country, no matter which one, you simply belong there, and you feel it’s a part of your identity.”

The negative side of Serbia is its developed nationalism towards ethnic minorities. “Developed nationalism, particularly towards minorities is very significant. It’s very bad that politicians create tensions by employing people from their political parties instead of doing what they should, and that is hiring and employing young people which belong to some categories, and in that way, they would create a balance. You must create balance in this country. We all know the state of our economy, how much of a problem poverty represents, how many food donation programs we have, but we also know how it should be. We must adapt and look after each other.

By hardworking and with a lot of effort, Kenan has progressed and reached the higher standards. He educated himself, and he set an example to others in his community. He offers them a helping hand so they could do the same.

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