Marica is 33 years old. She graduated from Tourism School and works as a receptionist in a hotel. She has a younger brother whom she named Ivica, so that the two of them are Ivica and Marica, as in the famous fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm (Serbian translation for Hensel and Gretel).

People in Serbia are the reason why Marica believes that Serbia will experience better times in the future. “I believe that it will get better for us. Thanks to these people who fight and who show the best of themselves to the world, we cannot fail. It’s the people who make the country. And I think, with just a little more luck in politics, we would blossom. I don’t think it will be worse at all. I think it will get better and better. People just want to live normal lives, which means they have enough money, not too much, they are adequately paid for their work and they have enough free time. And that is all the people are looking for. ”

The positive side of Serbia is its people known for their warmth and hospitality, as well as their attractive appearances. “Generally, people are positive. Maybe the young people don’t have too much hope, but everyone else does. They are very hospitable, and humane towards everyone. They are also beautiful, and they dress nicely. So, I think people from Serbia show their best, especially here in Belgrade.”

Indifference and lack of ambition of the young people born during 90’s or afterwards is something Marica considers a problem. In her opinion, they easily give up on their goals and expect too much from life abroad. “To be honest, I’m mostly worried about young people because they lost enthusiasm, and hope. They think that everything needs to be perfect and if it is slightly less than perfect, then they become depressed, which is not normal. They don’t have ambition. This is what bothers me the most, because right at the start, young people give up on work and on Serbia, and they always look for ways to go somewhere else, they think everything is much better there.”

Perhaps hopelessness and indifference are the things that many have to fight against nowadays, but this is not the case with Marica, who is an open-minded person and who looks at the bigger picture. While others see only one way out, she sees more than one from any situation. Positive thinking is one of her main characteristics.

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