Aleksandra is 43 years old. She works as a computer programmer.

Serbia with higher level of education is the country Aleksandra would like to see in the future. Also, people should spend less time watching the popular reality programs that are being broadcast on certain television channels. According to the comments people post, these kinds of programs create a sense of disgust among the audience. Serbia should have a little bit more educated people. Today, I read the comments on a 24-hour reality program, and they were full of disgust toward its content. On the other hand, everyone has been watching such programs for years!”

People and their sincerity are the positive, and at the same time, the negative side of Serbia. “The positive sides of Serbia are family, friendship and honesty. On the other hand, too much sincerity becomes naivety. We do everything, we give all, we believe everything.”

In her free times, Aleksandra is learning French. She likes to travel and love people in general. She likes her job that may not be well paid, but in terms of free time, she can have a normal life.

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