Stanimir is 43 years old. He is a graduated economist, and owns a pottery shop, the business he inherited from his father.

Serbia where Stanimir would like to live is an economically and politically rich country. “The country I would like to see in the future is beautiful, organized, economically and politically rich.”

Stanimir loves his country and he would never decide to go live somewhere else. “I love the country where I was born most in the world, of course, and I would never change it for any other country in the world. When talking about earnings, we all strive to earn more and to live easier lives. Money provides us with material benefits, but unfortunately, it has become the core value of the society we live in. ”

Not so good economic situation in the country is the bad side of Serbia. “It’s bad that our economy has stopped, and we need new jobs so that people could work and live from their work. ”

Through his work, Stanimir manages to maintain an old tradition that is not only Serbian, but also is a tradition that is a part of the world’s historical heritage, something that has existed for thousands of years. He is one of the 20 families in Serbia who are in pottery business, and to him working on something with his 10 fingers is a real art.

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