Ivan is 37 years old. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Department of History. He works as an archivist in the historical archives.

Serbia belonging to the Western European civilization is the country that Ivan would like to see in the future. “A country that belongs to the Western European civilization space, not only in material terms, but also by the value system. We have to get rid of the burden of the past, and to take certain steps. We have to deal with that. [Serbia is] part of the European Union and NATO Pact. Our opinion is that Russians are our brothers. This is one big misconception that lasts for 200 years or longer. We are generally only a figurine for Russians, and we serve them in their bigger game. However, due to circumstances, mainly because of the same religion and some of the help they have given to us, and above all because of the marketing, Russia is considered to be our sister country. But that’s not true. So, as far as the position is concerned, Serbia in the future should certainly be in the European Union. But it should not only be in the EU with continued sense of abuse, but we should embrace the values ​​and liberal ideas of freedom and equality.”

Sport and culture are the things that Ivan considers positive in Serbia. “It might be logical to tell the history, since I’m a historian and familiar with all its positive and negative sides. But I think that history, or the fact that a person belongs to the certain people, is not in itself something that they should be proud of. Quite simply, it is part of our identity and as such we should embrace it with all its positive and negative aspects. On the other hand, if we take into account the number of residents and the resources invested in our sport on one hand, and the number and level of successes of our athletes on the global level, I think this is really something we should be proud of. Our cultural contribution is great as well. So, sports and culture would be the two things I would be proud of as far as Serbia is concerned.”

The lack of role models in many spheres of life is something that is negative in Serbia. “Negative and worrying is the lack of positive social examples. If we exclude athletes, it seems to me that, not that they do not exist, but that there are not enough other people from other professions who can be exemplary for young people who are thinking about what to do in life. It seems that as for now, all comes down to the simple material gain and to get rich as fast as possible. There are not enough role models, at least not in the media, to show that the effort will eventually pay off.”

Ivan, a historian and archivist, has studied Serbia for centuries. He knows how the decisions were made and what it has been like for its citizens throughout the centuries. Ivan loves his job and works every day to record the state’s historical heritage and stay for other generations.

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