Silvan is 20 years old. He attends music high school. He was born in Croatia but lives in Serbia since he was nine.

He has never thought about the future of Serbia, although he is aware of the fact that some things need to be changed. He doesn’t think these changes should be matter of economy, better standard and such. Quite the contrary, in his opinion, people must change spiritually. “When people stop thinking about material and start thinking a little more about the spiritual, the entire situation will improve. Government, that’s a funny thing to me, an individual who has nothing to do with politics. The people choose the government, then they speak against it. I honestly don’t want to have anything with that.”

What Silvan doesn’t like today is that many people are materialists. “I don’t like that the financial status of the family and how one looks comes first. People don’t appreciate some spiritual values, but they rather value the outside, what the eye can see. We need to be the light that will tickle people’s imagination when they see it. In this way, positive people could influence other people to change, because in Serbia there is a paradox that everyone wants changes, but no one wants to change themselves.”

Silvan is a humble student whose help is available to others through his faith and belief that every person in this world could and should be the light that others can benefit from in the ways that God wants them. He tries to be at the service whether through his singing, playing, praying, talking about God, or through not throwing garbage outside the bin. Sometimes small things are big, says Silvan.

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