Snezana is 50 years old. She is a graduated defectologist, currently employed as a head of primary and secondary school. She completed the secondary music school. She is providing music therapy for people with disabilities.

A country where every citizen feels good in their own world is Serbia she would like to see in the future. “Serbia should be a country where each citizen is being taken care of, and in this country each citizen feels good in their own world. Satisfaction that is easy to be noticed, security that people feel, are good signs of existence of a country in the future. A peaceful country, a country with understanding of other people’s efforts, and their mistakes, where people believe each other, are its important characteristics. What is very important for me is that it’s a place where we fight stereotypes and reduce the violence in every sense, psychological, physical, emotional and sexual.”

Serbia is a country of cultural people. Serbia is a country of sport, and Zrenjanin is a city that represents Serbia properly. “Zrenjanin is a city of culture, where people with different ways of thinking and different interests, regardless of how small the city is, have excellent resources and predispositions to make their city an important cultural center of the country. As it is widely known, Zrenjanin has many sports clubs, and with additional engagement of young people it can influence further development and success in sports. I would also like to mention the people, citizens of Zrenjanin, who are open-minded and willing to change. There are some who are notably pessimistic, but it is a good thing that the optimism prevails it. If we take children with disabilities as an example, we can see openness and cordiality of employees in sports clubs who are ready to devote to these children and they adjust the training programs to fit them, and this is the prove of humanity above all. Therefore, many stereotypes and prejudices are destroyed, but we still need time, ideas, willingness and work of people for further advancement.”

What Snezana considers worrisome is that people no longer look at the big picture. “What I’m thinking about lately and what makes me sad, it’s just that people spend too much time on unnecessary details, they find short-term solutions to their problems, and approach everything and everyone with a lack of confidence. All this is the result of the unstable times in which we lived at the end of the past and the beginning of the current century. We used to be Yugoslavia, and then became Serbia and Montenegro, and now we are Serbia. We experienced a great loss, the loss of our country: the first one, the second, and the third one.. the loss of friends and security, the loss of faith in the future, and much more. We also went through the bombardment of our country, which resulted in us being insecure. Stressful situations had great influence on the people, and thus slowed them down for further development and progress in life.”

Although some people saw her story as unfortunate, Snezana managed to turn it into a fairy tale. She fights for children who have not been lucky at birth, for families who need help, which she unselfishly gives away. She does everything wholeheartedly, and what is very important for other people, always with a smile on her face.

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